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Graphic Design

What Eye sees, Mind believes. So the more you impress the eye; the more the mind will be attached to your product. In Fabrica, we use the visual solutions to deal with your business problems. We study the preferences of the target audience quiet well then we start designing the creative marketing concepts that impress them. We provide your business with a whole set of online and offline designing service. Our services include the creative design for Advertising, Prints & Outdoors, exhibitions, Packaging, visual Content, Marketing materials, inner branding & online designs.


Our keywords regarding printing services are: Perfect Quality... Considerable Price... Respect of the deadlines. Print marketing is a great way to build awareness of your business and increase the offline exposure to the brand.

IT Department

IT marketing is one of the key factors in building appropriate and successful solutions for your business. Sometimes it’s expensive to have a full IT department within your company. In Fabrica, We provide you with a full IT services with more than reasonable budgets. Our IT services include: website development, design, and optimization. Landing pages building. Mobile applications Our digital marketing is driven by user experience with a focus on ease, simplicity and intuitive calls to action.

Media Booking & Production

One of the key factors in applying the marketing solutions is the ability to build an appropriate media plan according to the following aspects:

  • Budget
  • Target Client
  • Viewership
  • Presentation

Above the Line (TV and Radio advertising): Mass media advertising to promote brands and reach out the target audience. These include television and radio advertising, print as well as internet The most important points in your TV and Radio advertising are the idea and how you can produce this idea creatively to attract the viewers’ attention and make the advertisement memorable. Below the Line (Promotional Materials): Below the line (BTL) advertising involves the distribution of stickers, promotions, brochures placed at point of sale, on the roads through banners and placards, interactive DVD company profile and product profile.


We invite you to explore our wide range of indoor and outdoor production services:

1 - Indoor advertising:

We offer you with indoor advertising production to help you build your brand awareness and achieve your marketing objectives. The Indoor Advertising services include but are not limited to:

  • Roll up Banners
  • Flyer Displays
  • Roadshows
  • LED Displays
  • Advertising Danglers
2 - Outdoor Advertising:
  • Event & Sponsor Signs
  • Promotional Displays
  • pop up displays
  • Booths
  • Outdoor Retail Signs
  • Outdoor Safety & Compliance Signs
  • Vehicle & Boat Graphics finding

Online Campaigns

We provide you with digital marketing solutions and entire online advertising campaigns. We define which platform works best for your marketing needs then develop our online strategies. We use the powerful tools of Social Media Marketing that includes: SEO, Social media, search engine marketing, online advertising and reputation management to enhance your online presence and branding. Lead Generation is one of our online marketing services to increase visibility and attract more qualified prospects and leads to your site. We work on developing your network to utilize social ads and SEO to increase traffic and improve return on marketing investment (ROMI).

Event design, planning & organizing

Fabrica is one of the prominent agencies in the field of event’s planning. For each client, we plan for a unique event that meets our client’s expectations’ and provides unforgettable memories. We have designed, planned and executed a lot of big events for different business and organizations around the country.